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Wu Qingqian, Deputy Mayor of Yueqing City and his party visited Wenzhou Heli Automation Instrument
2022-10-31 10:25

Wu Qingqian, Deputy Mayor of Yueqing City and his party visited Wenzhou Heli Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd.


Following the visit of Mayor Fang and his party to our company on January 2, 2019; Vice Mayor Wu Chengqian of Yueqing City, Director Zhao of the Bureau of Economics and Information Technology and other leaders visited the Wenzhou Heli Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. for inspection on January 9, 2019 Guiding the work, Zheng Linyue, Chairman of Wenzhou Heli Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. accompanied the inspection.


Vice Mayor Wu Chengqian and his party visited the first-line production workshop and company R&D center of Wenzhou Heli Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. The general managers of the company, Zheng Wei and Zheng Yang, successively reported to Wu Chengqian, Vice Mayor and their accompanying leaders in detail the current production and operation of our company. Vice Mayor Wu Chengqian expressed his recognition of our products and craftsmanship. Understand the current difficulties of our company and make arrangements for the entourage; meanwhile, the government's assistance to enterprises will continue to increase. Greatly promote the foreign exhibitions of enterprises, the connection between enterprises and technological colleges and universities, and the innovation of brand independence.


Vice Mayor Wu Chengqian encouraged us to take advantage of the situation and continue to increase the introduction of talents and R&D investment, and accelerate the promotion of comprehensive innovation centered on technological innovation. Continuously promote product technology innovation, business model innovation, management mechanism innovation, and make enterprises run higher and farther. He also emphasized that the party committee and government should always stand with the enterprise, and in particular should implement all measures for stabilizing the enterprise, build a heart bridge, be a caring person, and build a new type of political and commercial relations. The party committee and government will effectively create a good business environment for the development of the enterprise. On the one hand, it will do a good job in policy docking, implement policies such as fee reduction and tax reduction, and truly provide support for the development of the enterprise; on the other hand, provide good service guarantee and effectively solve the enterprise. Problems and needs, allowing enterprises to take advantage of a certain development and accelerate the high-quality development of the private economy.