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2020-07-28 09:14

On March 25, our union successfully passed the inspection and acceptance of the Yueqing Federation of Trade Unions and the Beibaixiang Town Union, and was awarded the title of "Home of Qualified Workers" by the Yueqing Federation of Trade Unions. One of only two companies.

Our labor union "Employee's Home" has a dedicated venue, equipped with a book counter, trade union organization structure and staff rights and interests publicity column, etc. It is also equipped with various table tennis, karaoke and other cultural and sports activities facilities. In order to reflect the warmth of the "employee home" and do practical things for the majority of employees, with the strong support of the company leaders, the company established a trade union foundation. On the birthday of employees or when they have special difficulties and red and white happy events, the union members will send them gifts or Gifts, etc.

In the next "Excellent Staff Home" selection, our union is determined to win the honor again.