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Electric PVC Butterfly Valve(LQ type)

Nominal DiameterDN50~DN300
End connectionwafer
Body materialUPVC(-10°C~70°C)\CPVC(-40°C~95°C)
Spool materialUPVC(-10°C~70°C)\CPVC(-40°C~95°C)
Sealing materialPTFE\EPDM\NBR
Applicable mediumPVC chemical solvent ompatible food industry



1,operating temperature rage:-40°C~+95°C

2.with excellent strength and toughness

3,with exellent chemical resistance capabilities

4.Retardant properities is the self-extinguishing

5.Low thermal conductivity, about 1/200 of the steel

6.The content of heavy ion in the medium up to the ultrapure  water standards

7.Health indicators in line with national health standards

8.Clean and smooth of the Tube wall, which can generates a smaller friction and adhesion when transferring fluid

9.Light weight, the equivalent of 1/5 of the steel, 1/6 of brass

10.Easy to install

11.Excellent anti-aging and UV resistance, so that there is a great extension of the normal usefull life than other piping systems